Over a Quarter Million Winners Have Played at Oasis Bingo

Play at one of the oldest bingo halls in Texas

Oasis Bingo opened its doors in 1984 as one of the first commercial bingo halls in the state. From that first triumphant shout of bingo to the last one of the day yesterday, we’ve played over a quarter million games, which means over a quarter million winners. If you’d like to join our long list of those who have won big and had a ton of fun doing it, come by Oasis Bingo today!

Though the times have changed, our bingo has not

Oasis Bingo began hosting the traditional style of bingo over 30 years ago and that’s still how we do it today. While many halls use electronic systems to try to make the game more flashy and profitable, we still run the un-hurried, old-fashioned bingo our guests know and love. Experience bingo as it was meant to be played at one of the oldest bingo halls in Harker Heights, Texas.

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